Let Goldfinch help you create stories that have the power to move hearts, minds, feet and wallets

First Impressions count

How often do you get hundreds of potential customers or clients under the same roof? Not very often. But that’s exactly what taking your business to an exhibition can do for you. Exhibiting at targeted trade shows provide you with a significant opportunity to enhance your brand visibility to potential customers. It allows you to promote your product, generate new leads and drive sales.

A well-considered display can deliver a positive impact and build a strong impression with prospective customers and set the right tone for your business. At goldfinch  we’ve over twenty years experience in communications and we can help you to define your story and create striking graphics to present a unified, cohesive message across your Brand.

Develop a strategy and consider your budget

We’re here to help you define your marketing strategy and work out how much you need to spend on each element of your exhibition. We can also produce all promotional materials and a follow-up website landing pages. If you’re starting a new project and need things to be easy, straight forward and put you in control, come and talk to us. We won’t charge for a chat and we’ll give you honest advice. Call Garrett on 05793 43160 or email garrett@goldfinch.ie.


We can help you generate leads & boost your sales. Call Garrett on 05793 43160